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Our Story

Ballistix Academy was founded in 2017 in Austria with a clear vision:

Provide the Defense Industry with cutting edge ballistics expertise as a service.

Our experts combine military knowledge and interest with an understanding of physics and mathematics at the highest level. This has allowed us to develop experience and knowledge in many different areas of small and large caliber ballistics which we offer to commercial and governmental partners in Europe, Asia and the US.

Theory & Practice

We are used to doing the heavy lifting when in comes to ballistics science not only in theory but also in practice. Our activities can be summarized to include:

  • Development and detonation testing of new technologies

  • Detonation testing and analysis of existing products to further develop them for maximum performance, reliability and safety.

  • Flexible and tailored R&D support.

  • Development of advanced ballistics simulation software.

  • Independent third-party certificates according to ITOP / NATO / STANAG.

  • Support in setting up production and testing infrastructure.


We are a small, flexible ballistics service provider and tailor our offerings to your exact needs.

You can delegate entire ballistics R&D projects to us or let us consult only on specific topics.

Take a look at our list of services to learn more.


European Defence Agency

Members of the European Defense Agency's (EDA) Missiles and Munitions CapTech

Austrian Accredited Engineering Firm
Austrian Accredited Engineering Firm

Austrian State Accredited Engineering Firm


Here are some impressions of our practical work over the years:

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