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Ammunition R&D and Prototype Production

Manufacture Of Test Projectiles & Ammo

Testing with non-factory ammunition is often necessary during R&D. Usually to check the practical influence of varying parameters. We can manufacture such custom ammunition in lot sizes of up to 50,000 pieces. Calibers range from .17 to .70.

Gas Pressure Measurements, NATO & CIP

Special test systems and barrels are used to measure the pressure curve during the shot at different places in the barrel using piezo transducers. Direct outcomes are the peak- and muzzle pressures. The gas pressure measurement provides information about the primer ignition and propellant combustion process. It further serves as a critical safety parameter. NATO measurements are performed at the case mouth with no case modifications necessary. CIP measurements are performed in the chamber, cases have to drilled.

Ammunition Testing Using Mann-Barrels For V0 & Dispersion

In order to make ammunition tests more accurate, it is often necessary to exclude potential weapon-induced influence factors. These include barrel oscillations, recoil movement or barrel bedding. We achieve this by using extremely thick barrels mounted on massive blocks of steel, commonly known as Mann-Barrels. It is important to note that absolute results achieved with this testing method can differ widely from the actual weapon systems used by the shooters.

Terminal Ballistics Tests For Soft & Hard Targets

We can perform terminal ballistics tests at different ranges and ballistics simulances, as well as different types of body armor. We also test the engagement of hard targets at different angles, including ricochet analysis. All test facilities we use are VPAM certified.

Measurements Of Projectile Extraction Force